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Romantic Picnic Ideas for Couples: Creating Memorable Moments

Picnic Ideas for Couples: Keep Love in the Air with These Romantic Ideas 

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just the end of the workweek, take your date for a picnic! Picnics can be spontaneous with takeout but even better when carefully planned with handmade culinary creations. Slow down and enjoy each other’s company with these picnic ideas for couples.

How to Plan a Romantic Picnic 

Everyone loves a romantic picnic; throughout history, it’s been a timeless activity for couples. Picnics are typically outdoors, but not necessarily. There are three components to remember as you formulate your romantic picnic ideas: location, time, and weather. Even if you are having a spur-of-the-moment picnic, you’ll still have to consider these three factors.

Pick the Perfect Spot 

Step one is to find the perfect picnic spot. To narrow your search, start with convenient places for both parties. Do you want a place with amenities like restrooms or prefer to venture out in nature? How much privacy do you want? More is better if this picnic marks a special occasion, while public places are preferable for first dates.  

It can be a relief for your date when you take the initiative to plan these outings. Or maybe you’re a couple who loves to plan together. When planning any date, the paramount factor is considering what the other person would love best. 

Find the Best Time 

Like any date, finding a mutually convenient time is also super important. Consider how long the picnic will last: under an hour, a leisurely two-hour meal, or longer if combined with other activities. 

Picnics are flexible; they can happen any time of day. It may revolve around a sunrise breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, or dessert! So, if you have another activity scheduled for later in the day, plan the picnic around it.  

Check the Weather 

Finally, the weather will determine whether an outdoor picnic can happen comfortably. Regarding picnic ideas for couples, the weather will affect how you dress and if you need to bring hand warmers, a sun hat, or an umbrella. 

Some outdoor picnic areas are covered — like on a porch or in a public park — so light rain won’t impede it. Wind, heavy rain, sweltering heat, and freezing temperatures mean you should stay inside. But some inside picnic locations exist if you think outside the box. Like a car picnic! Or set up a blanket on your apartment floor, put on ambient music, and improvise! 

Romantic Picnic Date Spots 

Want to wow your girlfriend or boyfriend? Picnic date ideas like the ones below are sure to impress. The following locations are perfect for a first date, a special occasion, or “just because.” 

By the Beach 

Cute picnic ideas start with soothing waves and salt air. Build sandcastles and go boogie boarding to build an appetite, then unwind as you picnic by the seaside. If you make it an all-day affair, you’ll need an umbrella, a cooler, and sunscreen. But a sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner means you can leave the sun protection at home.

In addition to a beach towel, consider bringing some folding beach chairs. Just be sure to protect your food from hungry seagulls!

Scenic Hike 

If regular picnics appeal to casual, outdoorsy couples, then scenic hike picnics are irresistible. There’s nothing more rewarding after a hike than enjoying good food and a bird’s eye view with a loved one. When you take a scenic walk together, you’ll want your picnic supplies to be light enough to carry in a backpack. 

If you’re short on time or energy, find a short walking trail that leads to a nice picnic spot. Majestic overlooks can be found along easy, moderate, or advanced courses. Pick whichever works for you! 

Rooftop Deck 

Maybe you don’t need to hike to find a scenic overlook. The perfect picnic spot might be as convenient as walking up to the roof of your apartment complex. Find a private, secluded area and admire the sunset over the cityscape while sipping a homemade cocktail and snacking on finger sandwiches. If it’s a part of your residence, set up the space ahead of time with twinkle lights, candles, and blankets.

Historical Park 

A historical park sets a cultural backdrop for a leisurely afternoon picnic. Strolling around, reading informational plaques, and appreciating the space you’re in will create a mood of wonderment, admiration, and gratitude. Find a good place to lay down your picnic blanket as you snack on all things sweet and savory. Enjoy the rest of the day outside as you read together or toss a Frisbee. It’s the best kind of local weekend date.

Drive-In Movie 

Dinner and a show! A drive-in movie combines the privacy of your own car with the conviviality of a group setting. It’s also the best kind of picnic if there’s a chill in the air. There’s nothing more cozy than getting snuggled up in the car, with rain or snow gently falling outside your window, and enjoying picnic food together. Once all the rage in the ‘50s, drive-in movies are now a rare find. So, if there’s one in your area, make it a priority! 

What to Bring on a Picnic Date 

Once you’ve chosen your picnic location, ensure you have the essentials. If you’re halfway to a scenic mountain overlook, you won’t want to double back because you forgot utensils! Even if it’s just a backyard date, going back and forth from the kitchen ruins the moment. Triple-check that you’ve got everything you need. 

Picnic Basket 

The most traditional and romantic way to transport the goods is in a classic wicker picnic basket. But sometimes, you’ll need insulation to keep foods hot. You may need an insulated bag and a picnic basket to carry all the blankets, drinks, food, napkins, and other necessities to set the mood. 


A cooler is necessary to keep food and drinks cold for hours, especially in warm weather. The last thing you want is for your food to spoil on your date! Bring a tote-style cooler if you’re walking to your picnic spot. Otherwise, fill a wheeled rectangular cooler with ice and stick it in your car. Store a bottle of champagne, desserts, and food — and you may even have room to spare.


Get a blanket made explicitly for picnics, or just use a sheet for warm weather. A flannel blanket or comforter will keep things cozy in the fall and winter. A towel works perfectly for the beach or a waterside picnic. On slightly damp ground, double up with a mat underneath the blanket. Bonus points if the blanket matches the basket lining or linen napkins! 

In addition to the blanket, bring extra blankets to snuggle in — especially if it’s a night picnic.


Grab silverware from home or get takeout utensils if you’re opting for food to go. But the picnic classic is reusable utensils. If you want to get into picnicking, invest in your reusable cutlery set for on-the-go outings. Depending on your food, you may need extra utensils beyond a fork, knife, and spoon, such as a bread knife or serving spoon.


If you’re keeping it simple with bottled water or soda cans, there’s no need to worry about drinkware. But if you are packing fresh squeezed lemonade, hot cocoa, or a homemade mixed drink, you’ll need the proper cups. Collapsible silicone cups, sturdy plastic tumblers, and refillable stainless steel bottles make for safe, easy transport of liquids. 

Be extra careful if you opt for glass drinkware: pack it carefully in the basket and ensure it’s well-padded. 

Learn How to Make Romantic Picnic Food 

You could bring store-bought food to your picnic or keep it simple with a fruit tray. But picnic date food is even more romantic when you take the time to make it yourself. When you learn how to make the following dishes in a cooking or mixology class, you can recreate them time and time again. 

The following are good picnic food options because they’re finger foods. They’re simple, quick, and require minimal cleanup when you pack them in your picnic basket. 

Spanish Tapas 

Making and eating food is a sensory experience; that’s why it’s so romantic! That’s especially true when the food is flavorful, like Spanish tapas. Tapas are small savory dishes often enjoyed alongside cocktails. Learn to make them together at a cooking class, then make them again for a picnic. If this is a first date, ask if your date has any food allergies or restrictions. After that, tailor the tapas to their flavor preferences, or keep it a surprise!

Street Tacos 

Don’t save it all for Cinco de Mayo! Street tacos are to be enjoyed year-round. Whether full of veggies, carnitas, or chicken, street tacos are a satisfying picnic snack. Go above and beyond by making your own tortillas! (Pro tip: learn how by taking a cooking class.) Top with guacamole and garnish with cilantro. While you’re at it, it’s always a good idea to make extra guac for chip dipping!

Asian Dumplings 

There’s a reason why “dumpling” is a nickname for a significant other — there’s nothing cuter than a dumpling! Whether steamed or fried, dumplings are delicious. Learn the art of dough folding and flavor combinations in a cooking class together. Then, bring them to your next picnic, keeping them warm in an insulated picnic bag. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite dipping sauce. 

Handmade Empanadas 

Regarding Mexican street food, empanadas give street tacos a run for their money. Filling and savory, empanadas are a delectable picnic food as well. Whether you learn to make a perfectly proportioned empanada from a cooking class or are already an expert, your date will enjoy this easy-to-eat snack. Make cheese, beef, or vegetarian empanadas for your next picnic date. 

Hand-Rolled Sushi 

Delicate and precise, rolling sushi by hand is an impressive skill to learn. Demonstrating this culinary skill shows you’re patient, crafty, attentive to detail, and refined. And that you aim to please your date. In other words, you’re a catch! Take a cooking class beforehand to ensure you’ve got the technique down. Or take one together and see whose sushi is better! Don’t forget the chopsticks! 

Creative Cocktails 

Prepping for a backyard picnic? Mix up your own cocktail from scratch, like an Aperol Spritz for a warm-weather picnic. Memorizing a few cocktail recipes, like a classic Old Fashioned, shows sophistication and will surely impress your date. 

But if you’re not sure how to make mixed drinks, make a date out of it! No experience is needed to learn how to mix up the basics. You’ll meet new friends when you sign up for a mixology class and perhaps go on a double picnic with them afterward! 

Get Ready for Your Romantic Picnic with Classes from CocuSocial

Planning a romantic picnic for couples can be a delightful way to spend quality time together. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in the park or a serene lakeside setting, a well-prepared picnic can foster intimacy and create cherished moments for couples to cherish.

Does brainstorming picnic date ideas make you itching to improve your cooking skills? CoCuSocial offers top-rated mixology and cooking classes in NYC and cities across the US. Attend an online demonstration or in person at one of our stunning locations to experience the quality education and fun atmosphere for yourself. 

And when it’s not picnic weather, expand your ideas of what picnic ideas for couples could be. Like picnics, cooking classes allow epicures to bond over delicious food in a beautiful space. Learn how to make new culinary creations from Italian to Thai food under expert guidance. 

CoCuSocial classes are perfect for that age-old dynamic in every couple: the chef and the critic. One person can cook while the other can play the taste-tester role. Be our guest! 

With CocuSocial, you’ll receive top-notch instruction from professional chefs and mixologists. Just pick a class that interests you and your partner and leave the rest to us. Book your spot today!

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