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Team Building NYC – Group Activities in the NYC Area

A Quick Guide to Team Building Activities: NYC

For a company to work effectively, it needs a team of employees that communicate, support, and invigorate each other. While you can foster these qualities over time, it’s rare to find a team that shows this cohesion right off the bat. Usually, cooperation has to be built through group activities. NYC, thankfully, has a lot of options for your team. 

If you’re looking up activities for team building, NYC is packed with events and classes that will transform your team into a cohesive unit. Fun group activities NYC offers include food prepping courses, painting classes, and escape rooms. Your employees will develop friendships, create memories, and build trust, translating to productive, effective work departments. 

This article covers why you should invest in team-building and lists some of the best team building activities NYC has available to help you get started.

Importance of Team Building Activities

Team building aims to create a fun and exciting environment where employees can interact while learning new skills. Throughout the activity, they will learn about their strengths and weaknesses and develop the skills to work in harmony with each other. However, it would be best if your company didn’t rely on one-off corporate events. NYC hosts many activities that allow your team to challenge themselves and build skills that will transfer to the workplace.

Here are some of the best corporate activities in NYC.

Group Cooking Classes NYC

If you want to show that you trust someone, hand them a knife. 

A group cooking class, like those offered by CocuSocial, is the perfect team outing. NYC is filled with foodies, so connecting your teammates with local chefs and restaurants in the city makes for a fun and exciting social kitchen escapade. 

You can stand beside your co-workers as you learn how to slice and dice and then celebrate the achievement with a delicious meal. For culinary team building, Manhattan makes for the ideal backdrop. CocuSocial has several venues that will amaze your team. Whether you’re looking for corporate summer outings (NYC has several superb spots) or a more intimate setting, you can find a location for your employees to build trust and cooperation.

Through group cooking classes, your team will:

  • Deepen bonds
  • Foster creativity
  • Learn new, practical skills that they can take out of the office

It’s easy to see why a group cooking class makes for one of the best team events NYC has to offer.

Online Classes for Team Building

As the world continually adapts to the “new normal,” remote work has become commonplace. While some may love being able to roll out of bed and have their office a few feet away, remote workers lose out on the relationships typically built through in-person communication. 

One way to alleviate this burden is through online group activities. If you’re setting up team building activities, NYC doesn’t have to be the stage. You can perform these games from the comfort of your own home while still benefiting from the much-needed social interaction.

Here are a few online team building activities to get your team motivated.

Personal Questions Quiz

A quiz of personal questions is a great way to get your team laughing. You’ll want to keep this game light-hearted and avoid taboo or tasteless subjects. However, this simple game is an excellent way to get to know your peers and start bonding. 

Games of this nature include:

  • Would You Rather? 

You pose a scenario in which the player has to choose between two options. Example: Would you rather always be a few minutes late or a half-hour too early?

  • Two Truths and One lie

This game has one person state two facts about themself and one lie. It’s up to the group to decide which tidbit isn’t true. 

Remember that the objective is to build relationships, not to pry into your employee’s personal lives. If someone isn’t comfortable with answering the questions, you shouldn’t pressure them into participating.  

Virtual games

With remote workers already spending time online, you may have luck transitioning a group activity to a virtual gaming environment. If you browse the web, you’ll find dozens of collaborative online gaming experiences. You can opt for traditional board games that have been adapted to digital formats, such as Monopoly, Pictionary, or Scrabble.

If your team uses a digital meeting platform, such as Zoom, you can use it to play Charades or Draw the Picture. Draw the Picture is a game in which someone describes a picture without showing it to the team. Then, everyone has to draw their interpretation of the description. Employees don’t need to worry about their artistic capabilities. In this game, even stick figures are acceptable.

Corporate Group Outings NYC

Corporate team-building exercises don’t have to be a nuisance. With a little planning and the right atmosphere, you can organize an activity that boosts morale while building camaraderie. If you’re trying to find the most memorable team building activities, NYC can deliver, nothing beats a group cooking course—and you can host virtual cooking classes. CocuSocial has a variety of classes that can appeal to any palate. Contact us today to book group cooking classes for your company.

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