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50th Birthday Ideas: How to Celebrate in Style

Top 50th Birthday Ideas

So your big 5-0 is coming up, and you’re looking for the best 50th birthday ideas to celebrate the big day.

Turning 50 is no small feat. That’s why planning that special event for your 50th birthday is all the more special. The bar-hopping festivities of your thirties and forties are perhaps past. You’re looking to do something meaningful with maybe a more elegant flair, as you approach the half-century mark.

In this post, we’ll explore some great 50th birthday party ideas you can share with your loved ones.

Private cooking events with CocuSocial

Even when you turn fifty, birthday ideas are in abundance. Whatever 50 year old birthday ideas you may have, the most important aspect is spending your special milestone with your loved ones. After all, it is those closest to you that have been with you through the thick and thin.

One of the most special ways you can share your 50th birthday is through an intimate, personalized private cooking event with CocuSocial. Gather your loved ones together while a professional chef walks your group through creating a delicious dish. 

You’ll have the option to cook in one of our many unique venues, from an event space to a dining room in a restaurant, or hotel to a commercial kitchen. In some instances, you can even have the chef come to your own residence!

CocuSocial offers a variety of private cooking events based on your unique tastes. Besides cooking classes, we also provide baking classes, wine tasting, and mixology classes. 

Private cooking classes with CocuSocial are one of the best 50th birthday ideas you can plan for you or your loved one. Start planning your special event today!

Explore with a tasting tour

Tasting tours can be a great way to kick off your 50th birthday. Whether it’s a food, wine, or brews, a tasting tour is fun and interactive, allowing you to try out a vast array of curated food or drinks.

Food Tours

Discover the local food scene with an expert guiding you along the way. You and your party will taste some of the freshest ingredients your local eateries have to offer. You’ll also learn about the history and cultural significance behind the cuisine you are trying.

Wine Tours

Participating in a wine tour for your 50th birthday party is both fun and educational.

A wine tour offers you the chance to walk the rows of the vineyard. Depending on the season, you may even be able to pick and taste the grapes directly from the branches. The guide will explain how the process works from harvest to fermentation to finally aging and bottling. At the end of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the collection of featured wines. 

Brewery Tours

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you might want to consider a brewery tour as one of your 50th birthday ideas. A brewery tour consists of not only sampling different flights of beer, but gaining insight into the entire brewing process, from grain to glass.

Get outside

Spending the day outdoors on your 50th birthday can be refreshing and a great way to bond with your friends and family. Here are some 50th bday ideas you can enjoy outdoors.


Traversing through rugged trails while enjoying the beauties of nature can be an ideal way to spend your 50th birthday. Staying active and getting some fresh air is good for the body, soul, and mind, no matter what age.


Holding a picnic with family and friends is an excellent way to celebrate your big day. Pull out a blanket and cooler while relaxing on the grass. You can even plan friendly games and competitions for the entire crew to participate in.


Pull out your tongs and fire up the grill. Hosting a BBQ makes for a memorable time over great food and conversations.

Throw a themed party

If you’re looking for unique things to do for a 50th birthday, throwing a themed party might be it. Themed parties allow you to focus the entire party on one particular motif throughout the evening. It involves choosing a theme, coordinating colors & decorations, organizing guest attire, and more. 

Themed parties are one of the best 50th birthday celebration ideas for snapping lots and lots of photos. You’ll want to cherish these quirky and fun memories of the festivities.

Here are some themed 50 year birthday ideas you could consider:

  • Vintage-Classic: Dig-up old chalkboards, teacups, and vintage clothing as you and your guest take a step back in time.
  • Black and White: A black and white minimalistic theme can be a fun way to celebrate your 50th. Keep your food and decoration simple and coordinate half your guests to wear white, while the other half wears black.
  • The Great Gatsby: Characteristics of the ‘roaring 20’s’ include a classy tux, tweed, and a fedora for men. For women, you’re gunning for the iconic flapper look: plenty of beading, sequins, tiara, long pearl necklace, silk shawl, etc.

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