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6 Team Building Cooking Classes for the Ultimate Bonding Experience

When you think of trust falls and compliment circles, “Team Building” is a term that probably makes you roll your eyes. You’ve likely attended a number of these events where everyone looks bored and is just sticking around because HR made it mandatory. 

Believe it or not, there are some fun team building activities for employees that can bring people closer together and help teams work more effectively. If you’re looking for “team building cooking classes near me”, CocuSocial’s experiences are here to save the day! 
Here’s a great list you can choose from for your next team building cooking class.

The Importance of Team Building Activities

Before we dive into the best team building cooking classes, let’s take a look at why these activities are so important. While happy hour with colleagues acts as a bonding session among workmates, there is a reason companies are more deliberate about such sessions. Team building activities provide plenty of benefits. For one, they allow colleagues to get to know each other. While you may see each other every day, telling your colleagues about your ski holiday around the watercooler is usually frowned upon. 

At the base level, a team-building trip can show you your workmate’s strengths and weaknesses, how they communicate, their interests, and more. Like with sports, company teams need to work and practice together to be at their best. 

Team building activities also foster camaraderie and trust, which like practicing together, is important to the success of the team. Building trust among workmates contributes to a more positive work environment. When employees feel comfortable in the office they are more likely to ask their colleagues for help or just be themselves. 

It’s also more inclusive: Activities such as catching a drink after work means colleagues who don’t drink are left out. A true team spirit is created at team buildings because everyone is usually present. That’s why keeping everyone fully engaged is important, and why activities like team building cooking games are often successful. 

Ideas for Cooking Team Building Activities

If you’re looking for a team building cooking class near you, why not try the following classes: 

  1. Pizza Party 

Everyone loves pizza! As a result, a pizza party is always an excellent idea! But instead of just ordering a bunch of boxes for the office, why not take the party to a pizza-making class.  

Organizing a pizza party is an exciting way to take everyone out of their hectic routine and let them enjoy a wonderful time together. Looking for some exciting team building cooking classes in NYC? CocuSocial’s cooking classes in NYC for pizza won’t let you down. 

  1. Sushi Making 

Why does sushi make a great team building event? Well, making sushi is relatively technical. As such, the spreading, layering, tucking, and rolling is bound to require team effort, while the aspect of taking up a complex task together will bond you and bring colleagues out of their shells. Sushi making is also a novel experience that many will appreciate. It’s one of the more interesting and unique cooking classes for team building that will offer a fun challenge and provide your team with a creative experience — all while having a good time.

  1. Chocolate Making 

Get artsy with your colleagues in a chocolate-making cooking class. It definitely checks the box if you’re looking for original ideas for “team building cooking classes near me”. Chocolate making is usually a fun and hands-on experience. That’s why it’s great for getting everyone out of their heads! 

  1. Pasta Wars 

A pasta-making class will not only teach you and your colleagues the right cooking techniques to make your own homemade pasta, but the involved activity is also a fantastic teamwork-fostering activity. There are various forms of pasta that you and your team can make in a class. These include fettuccine, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagna, cannelloni, and more. When choosing a corporate cooking class, team building opportunities matter just as much as the culinary experience. And this class for professional groups will require learning new ways to communicate and working together to make fresh, delicious pasta. 

  1. Kitchen Challenge 

Team building activities are known for their competitive games, and with a class, you get to trade the typical activities for the heat of the kitchen. Introducing some friendly competition into your class is the perfect way to foster teamwork while amping up the energy levels of your team building. A kitchen challenge will usually involve the different teams being given essential ingredients to create a meal of their choice. Teams will have to rely on creativity and communication to create a masterpiece worthy of an award.  

  1. Mixology Classes

This one is great for offices that are fans of happy hour. Cocktails are a great way to bring out different personalities. Martini people are different from the Bloody Mary crowd, and with a classic craft cocktails class, you get to learn more about people as you learn about the drinks. It doesn’t have to be about cooking if you’re looking for “team building cooking classes near me”. Try to mix things up–literally!

Whether you’re searching for the best cooking classes, team building activities, or just a fun way to spend time for a group in Houston or NYC, CocuSocial’s got a class for your team. The best thing about planning private cooking classes is that you get to choose what you will make and have it brought to you or planned for your team exclusively with chef team building. CocuSocial’s private party experiences can even turn your cafeteria into a kitchen as we bring the experience to you. Check out all our classes and events for team building near you and get to planning! 

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