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30th Birthday Ideas – 8 Ways to Celebrate

8 of the Best Dirty 30 Birthday Ideas

Does the thought of saying goodbye to your thirties make you want to weep? If so, we’re here to tell you welcoming your 30s can be lots of fun–even exciting! After all, you’ve made it through the angst and confusion of your 20s—that deserves a celebration. There are many theories out there on why it’s called the “dirty 30”, but all we know is that if it warrants a celebration, we’re in!

So, break out of your funk. It’s time to look at the possibilities for the next decade. We’ve compiled a list of dirty 30th birthday ideas for you and your friends. 

1) Brunch Birthday

Sundresses and mimosas are a fun way to celebrate a birthday. In fact, if bright and sunny can be used to describe your personality, then a brunch birthday is one of the best 30th birthday ideas for you. From elegant and classy to chic and cute, a brunch event can be customized to different themes. Just make sure people dress up according to the theme and the festivities support it, too.  

2) Mixology Class

We’re not going to suggest dirty 30 birthday ideas without bringing up a dirty martini. Instead of going for your usual cocktails at your favorite bar, why not put a spin on it and enjoy bespoke cocktails made by a master mixologist in an exclusive setting. Whether you’re looking for NYC 30th birthday ideas or want to celebrate your 30th birthday in Houston with a mixology class, CocuSocial can plug you into the best cooking classes near you

3) Private Cooking Party 

Food always goes hand-in-hand with a good celebration. As a result, a cooking class is at the top of the list when it comes to dirty 30 birthday ideas. 

Indulge in a Michelin-quality meal made by you and your friends with the instruction of a private chef. Cocusocial offers classes in all types of cuisines, so you get to have whatever you’re craving from whatever part of the world you wish, like bringing Japan into your private 30th birthday in Philadelphia. It’s bound to be great fun while you all learn some new kitchen skills. 

4) Wine Tasting 

Wine tastings are a fantastic experience for all. In fact, they’re a definite crowd-pleaser for both girls and guys. With your roaring twenties behind you, your thirties are most likely going to be a time of taking it easy and getting cultured. Why not get the next decade started just the way you’re going to spend it. The best thing about a wine tasting is as long as you have the wine, you can do it anywhere. So, whether you’re looking for 30th birthday ideas in Boston or NYC, you can find a good location and even a wine connoisseur to help you celebrate. 

5) Game Night 

Game nights are both intimate and interactive. As a result, getting your closest pals together for a fun-filled evening of games is a great way to say goodbye to your twenties. The key is to keep the drinks flowing, serve up some fun finger food, and choose 30th-themed games like a dirty thirty scavenger hunt. Putting a 30th birthday spin on game classics is also sure to be a winner among the birthday crowd. 

6) Bar Crawl 

Pay ode to your twenties with a good old fashioned bar crawl featuring all your favorite haunts. Going bar hopping clubbing, or dancing is bound to be a memorable night that everyone will appreciate. You can also do this as part of a weekend getaway. While the bars you crawl won’t be your tried and true favorites, you will be able to learn more about the place you’re visiting as you hop from one place to the next. Even better, if you’re in a hip and trendy city like San Francisco, the San Francisco 30th birthday ideas run the gamut from low-key to high-end. 

7) Destination Celebration 

Whether you’re turning 20 or 30, birthday trips never go out of style. Vegas is the place to be when you’re 21, but places like Maui and Phoenix will take the cake when you’re in your 30s. You can opt for always-popular trips like a beach resort or ski trip in the mountains. Alternatively, you can choose an off the beaten path getaway to an Airbnb if you’d rather skip the touristy hotspots. Seeing and doing new things is bound to be a special way to welcome your 30th birthday. 

8) A Classic Dinner 

The new and more sophisticated 30-year-old you deserves to be wined and dined, even by yourself. Nothing says special like a dinner date. With that in mind, treat yourself to a fancy restaurant meal with your best friends around you and toast to the old and new. Choose a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Then, make sure everyone gets dolled up for the event. Be sure to take lots of pictures to capture this memorable moment! 

Whether you’re searching, “30th birthday ideas in Seattle” or “San Diego 30th birthday ideas”, you can always find the perfect class for your theme with CocuSocial. Host your party at any of our beautiful locations or have us come to you. Either way, you can be rest assured you’ll experience an incredible set up with an entertaining chef in all settings. Check out all our classes and events in your area and get to planning your best birthday yet!

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