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Work Christmas Party Ideas: Fun Office Celebration Themes

Top 9 Work Christmas Party Ideas

Many offices struggle to brainstorm work Christmas party ideas to boost the morale of employees. 

Planning a Christmas party at your workplace can be tricky. Many employees prefer spending their holidays with family and close relatives rather than attending typical, not-so-entertaining work parties. You might need guidelines and some high-class Christmas party ideas to make your work Christmas party fun, appealing, and memorable. 

Read on to explore some outstanding, inviting, and budget-flexible work Christmas party ideas that will help you brainstorm the perfect event.

  1. Choose A Feasible Venue

When it comes to organizing a fun Christmas party, you have to select the right venue. If you wish to build teamwork and high spirits, scheduling cooking classes at a unique venue could be the fun work Christmas party idea you’re looking for. 

If you believe in providing colleagues with a relaxing and intimate environment to talk and communicate heart-to-heart, you may opt for a cozy restaurant, banquet, or bar.

You could also opt for a one-night staycation, and throw your party in the office. The money you save on a venue, you could instead spend on putting together a lavish night in your employees won’t soon forget.

  1. Go Big, Vegas Big

Even if you can’t afford to take your teams to Sin City, these themed Las Vegas Christmas party ideas could help you throw a party for the ages.

  • Casino nights can be a blast, whether you homebrew the operation or hire an event company, nothing gets folks loose like winning a few hands of blackjack or sipping a cocktail. At the same time, Jen from accounting spins the roulette wheel.
  • If the table games get tiresome, convert the floor into an extravagant dance club; fog machine rentals aren’t that pricey.
  1. Booze Cruise

If you want to go out but stay close, check nearby cruise ships for a night party on the water. For example, one of these office Christmas ideas San Diego residents would enjoy include Flagship Cruises & Events.

Even if you live in the desert, you’ve got a lake somewhere, and everyone’s a sucker for a low-key booze cruise.

  1. Go For Indoor Fun And Games

These ideas could round out your Christmas party night, or with small modifications, add some fun to a workday. If you go that route, give everyone an extra hour or two for lunch to enjoy some of these cozy Christmas party ideas.

  • Trip to the movies; get a projector, and share a Christmas classic.
  • Music and karaoke.
  • Disco-themed dance-off. 
  • Hold subtle yet engaging competitions like board games, card games, charades, and other engaging games.
  • Tree decorating contest.
  • White elephant-style gift exchange.
  1. Culinary Delights for All and to All A Good Night

What is a party without good food? When the menu is hot and tempting, the seats are always full. You should put the food front and center while you are brainstorming workplace Christmas party ideas.

  • Drinks, Brews, and Beverages – Bring in brewers, distillers, or wineries to share their spirits and satisfactory non-alcoholic options.
  • BBQ – BBQ is in, and good BBQ can be hard to find. If a giant barrel smoker posts up outside your office, your employees are sure to be drawn in.
  • Pastries, cookies, and other sweets- Plan baking and icing contests for cookies.
  • Professional Chef – Hire a professional chef to teach and demonstrate as they prepare exquisite cuisine.
  1. Reward Employees with Gift Exchanges, Time Off, and Incentives

Show gratitude and welcome the next year with a more energetic and motivated workforce. Make their moment jovial by giving them individual tokens of appreciation in the form of a yearly bonus, incentives, souvenirs, event tickets, and company swag, etc.

  1. Upstage The Little Drummer Boy

Make your night groovy, musical, and well-lit by calling in a DJ, orchestra, or any local band. 

Surprise your colleagues with just the right playlist from your music system according to the attendees’ event and mood.

  1. Set Your Creators Loose

The odds are good that not every employee is working their dream job. Identify your aspiring creators and artists then let them shine! Feel free to let them take some risks with non-traditional interpretations like:

  • Tree decoration contests.
  • A fun photo booth set up.
  • Arts/crafts area.
  • Turning a rolling media cart into a temporary minibar.
  • Maker contest.
  • Mini-temporary art gallery.
  • Try a fun, unique theme. Who says you can’t have a superhero party for Christmas?

Fun embellishments help attendees escape the work atmosphere, and make them grand work Christmas party ideas.

  1. Last Minute Ideas

OK, it’s 11 PM on December 21st, and you find yourself frantically Googling, “Christmas work fun ideas.” Don’t worry, some sure-fire ideas will help keep the cheer alive.

  • Give managers a budget of $100 and challenge teams to a workspace decoration contest; the winners get to leave work an hour early.
  • Give your employees Christmas Eve off, or at least make it a half-day if it’s not already.
  • Everyone likes a useful gift card.
  • Take every employee’s elaborate Starbucks order and bring them coffee in the morning.
  • Bring in egg nog or cookies.
  • Go around the building, personally pouring and serving champagne flutes to your employees. Limit one per person, of course.
  • Buy yourself some time by throwing a New Year’s party instead.

Are you looking for exciting work party ideas? With the help of CocuSocial cooking classes, you can create an incredible night with a beautiful venue and an entertaining chef. Ready to have the biggest, most luxurious Christmas party this year? Get in touch with us today!

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