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Foodie NYC: Top 10 Things To Gratify Your Palate

Foodie NYC – 10 Things to Do

For a foodie, NYC is like heaven on earth. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful facts about the up and coming food venues and experiences waiting for you in “The Big Apple.”

From fun foodie NYC tours to other culinary experiences in NYC, explore the deliciousness of molecular gastronomy and gorgeously creative food art in the city. 

Here are 10 unusual things to do in New York that all food lovers, explorers, and travel enthusiasts will thank us for.

  1. Stroll Around The Markets Of NYC

Wander the native markets on the streets of NYC. The shopping bazaar culture is so lavish and widely practiced that you can savor endless combinations of flavors, textures, and smells; it would not only be an enriching experience but an educational one as well. 

  1. Enjoy Ethnic Delicacies

NYC allows cooks and chefs from diverse ethnic specialties to demonstrate their unique gourmet skills. Explore the eventful and lush life of New York City’s Essex, Chelsea, Berg’n, Dekalb, Canal Street Markets, and lots more!

  1. Check Out The Food Truck Cuisine

While there is no great shortage of fun stuff to do in Manhattan, or green spaces to explore in Brooklyn, foodies like us have a nose for the tastier fun things in NYC. Try walking around the city’s pavements and wade into the sea of food truck cuisine, including Hard Times Sundaes, The Cinnamon Snail, The Halal Guys, and many others!

  1. Explore Molecular Gastronomy in NYC

This is a new style of creating sophisticated and modern culinary dishes in renowned elite restaurants and hotels. Molecular gastronomy has become known the world over for science fiction-esque interpretations of classic cuisine. 

New York City has adopted and widely accepted this trending food style. This is, hands down, one of the best things to do in NYC for birthdays and special occasions. Using liquid nitrogen for sweets and infusions for savories, gastronomy has taken modern cooking techniques to a whole new level.

  1. Enjoy A Food Tour At Famous Tourist Sites

What’s a visit to New York without sightseeing at its many world-famous Insta-friendly locales? And what’s a site-seeing expedition without flavor tasting? We know all the right places for you to cherish memorable culinary glory while admiring the architectural beauty. 

Indulge in the journey of exploring well-recognized places and diners at sites like Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, Coney Island, and Grand Central Station. 

Witness food art crafted from ethnic cuisines that range from Mexican to Italian, Indian to Continental, seafood, to fast food, dairy, to baked goods.

  1. The Best Breweries in NYC

Be it a mug of flat-dark or gold fizzy chilled beer, a delicate glass of red wine, a refreshing shot of craft spirits, or a subtle mixture of cocktails – NYC has it all. 

Get to know more about New York’s most excellent cocktail bars. Plan a nice meeting or your casual date with close friends and take pleasure in NYC’s premium quality beers, beverages, soft drinks, and cocktails. 

Make sure you visit the legendary Brooklyn Brewery and other highly successful bars near Manhattan and Long Island.

  1. Celebrate Birthdays in Culinary Style

Thinking of enticing things to do in NYC for birthdays? NYC has just the right adventure for you!

In NYC, you can celebrate birthdays and festivities with your family and friends at posh restaurants and hotel cuisines serving edible art.

Even places like the Museum of Modern Art serve you amazing foods displayed artistically.

  1. Tour A Chocolate Factory

Explore what’s cooking in the lab at Tache Artisan Chocolate, Raaka Co. Virgin Chocolate, or Li-Lac Chocolates. Satisfy your inner chocoholic with an interactive journey of these famous chocolate factories, complete with a chocolate tasting. You can also learn the skills to become a master chocolatier.

  1. Indulge In NYC-Style Pizza

NYC-style pizza’s characteristically full slices are a must-have when you visit this city. The typical thick and crispy crust will make you fall in love with every bite. The coat is sturdy yet thin enough to fold in half and eat like a real NYC foodie.

  1. Prepare Your Culinary Masterpiece

CocuSocial is the coolest platform to bring out the chef in you. You’ll love attending our cooking classes in NYC. CocuSocial chefs lead you to the exotic art of food-making and eye-popping food presentation. 

Get to know what goes inside the kitchens, pantry, and behind the shades. We help you to excel in creating innovative combinations of cocktails according to your taste buds and preferences. 

CocuSocial believes in developing a love for quality food by serving you with a world of appetizing dishes from across the globe. Let us plan cooking classes for your next special event, from birthday parties and bridal showers to corporate and team building events. We also offer online celebrity chef cooking classes – perfect for a couples date night. Sign up today!

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