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CocuSocial hosts hundreds of cooking classes in 10+ cities every month. Earn extra revenue during off-peak hours and increase brand exposure.
Start hosting cooking classes at your restaurant!
The benefits of hosting CocuSocial
Your cost: $0
Hosting a CocuSocial cooking class will never cost you a cent!
Your sale: $300-$700
Our 2-hour classes typically bring in 25 guests with bar sales of $300-$700, depending on your prices. Most of our guests order 1-2 glasses of wine or cocktail.
Free marketing opportunity
You get added foot traffic, free exposure and new regulars! Give your customers a reason to keep coming back by hosting fun cooking classes.
Your Venue Has
A semi-private space with room for 20+, bright lights and availabilities on weekday nights or weekends.
We handle all the logistics ourselves
We provide everything from apron to equipment, and we take care of set up and clean up. No hassle, no mess.
“Wow, the Pizza class is really hands on, from the yeast to the dough to the kneading, you are hands on. Your make the Pizza your way. You can even make a design with your dough, shape it however you want. You can take home whatever dough you have leftover, cheese and whatever else you didn't use. Good class.“
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Start hosting cooking classes at your restaurant!