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Girls’ Night Ideas: Activities for Staying In or Going Out

Fun Girls’ Night Ideas for Staying In Or Going Out

You’re long overdue for a meet up with your friends and finally, the calendar gods have allowed you a shared free weekend. There’s no better time to plan a girls’ night. Nothing is more therapeutic than a debriefing and venting talkathon over some fun activities, good food, and drinks. Even a good FaceTime session does not come close to rejuvenating the soul as a girls’ night does.

Sounds like something you need but wondering what to do on a girls’ night? Get out that cute outfit you’ve been keeping for a special occasion and pair it with any of the following ladies’ night activity ideas. 

Private cooking events with Cocusocial

Whether it’s a birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a get-together, girls’ night ideas should always involve a celebration of each other and the support system that the friend group provides.

Food always goes hand-in-hand with a good celebration and that’s why a cooking class tops our list of things to do for girls’ night. The best thing about cooking classes is that they can be woven into different events. Cocusocial offers a variety of culinary experiences to choose from, so you can always find the perfect class for your theme. You can enjoy your favorite foods, get creative while making a delicious meal, and spend quality time with the people closest to you. Not to mention, you get to eat your fancy, made-from-scratch dinner afterward!

Host your party at any of our beautiful locations or have us come to you. You can be sure of an incredible set up with an entertaining chef in all settings. Check out all our classes and events in your area and get to planning your next great girls’ night out. 

Girls’ Night In Ideas

Keeping it chill does not mean boring. Sometimes, the best thing for the soul is staying in and soaking up some quality girl time. Check out these fun girls’ night ideas at home!  

Bring Your Taste Buds 

You don’t have to travel to France to get cultured—just do it from the comfort of your couch with a tasting party. A tasting event is the crowd-pleaser of girls’ night ideas. Chocolate? Wine? Chocolate and Wine? The only limit is your group’s imagination.

Movie Nights

The best plans are always the simplest and a chick-flick viewing party tops the list of simple but fun ladies’ night ideas for home entertainment. Vote among the group on what tear-jerkers you would like to see and serve up some comfort food to indulge in as you collectively sigh at the screen. 

Shoot Something 

With your phones, we mean. One day you will look back at these moments with nostalgia, and it will be better if you captured the memories in a photo or video. You could shoot goofy TikTok clips and have a good laugh while at it, or glam each other up and do an amateur photo shoot. Either way, it’s bound to be a great bonding experience that you can look back on fondly. 

Low-key Girls’ Night Out

If you’ve been feeling cooped up and need to go out, but are not in the mood for a high-energy activity, here are some relaxed girls’ night out ideas to choose from. Each idea on this list will help clear your head and allow you to learn something new. In fact, you might even start a new tradition for the entire group!

Paint and Sip

Explore your creativity and indulge your love for wine with a paint and sip group class. Not the most artistic? Most paint and sip classes cater to beginners, plus you’ll be too wrapped up in ever-flowing conversation to be self-conscious about what your hands are doing. 

Book Club

If you and your friends are all book-lovers, this is one of the best ladies’ night ideas you can take up. Choose a nice restaurant or cafe that your group loves—or has always wanted to visit—then get settled in with some good food and discuss away. Just make sure it’s not so loud that you have to strain to hear each other, or too quiet that everyone can hear you giggling about your shared crush on the main character. 

Yoga Session 

Stretch it out while you talk it out. Taking an after-work yoga class together is great for the body and soul. You get to move your body and connect with each other at the same time. An added plus is that this one is one of those girls’ night ideas that doesn’t have to be done on the weekend. 

Fun and Original Girls’ Night Ideas

Wondering how to plan a ladies’ night that doesn’t go down in history as just another night out? Here are some unique and fun ideas for ladies’ night out.

Martinis With a Twist

Forget the hurriedly-made cocktails at your favorite dive bar, the twist we’re talking about here is having bespoke cocktails made by a master mixologist in an exclusive setting. The drinking and conversation will relax you as you have your taste buds indulged with a variety of different flavors. You’ll probably leave asking, “Do I even like Martinis?” 

Take a Pole-Dancing Class

Even if none of you possess a coordinated bone in your bodies, it’s still empowering to reconnect with your sensuality. It’s even better when you have your girlfriends there to cheer you on. The best thing is that it involves moving your body, without the booming music and packed club.

Unusual Dinners 

Dinner in the dark or dinner in the sky? Look for special-themed dinners in your area and make a reservation for the group. You could be ticking something off the bucket list or even supporting a charity, while spending some much-needed quality time with the girls.  

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